Welcome to MY Journey...  by: Tony Panzica

Searching for the light, immersed in the shadows, composing my own expression, ultimately to produce a photograph with an emotional impact on the viewer. Landscape photography can be a path to ones soul. For some, spoken words or words on a page or paint on a brush or musical skill, these talents are elusive. For me, My photography is a personal journey of taking this light and creating works to evoke emotion. My work, whether it’s a bald eagle in flight, a Moon Bow at Yosemite Falls, a sunrise at Grand Teton National Park, or the Statue of Liberty hopes to make people think differently of these amazing places, many having been put aside generations ago. The vast majority of people will never visit where I have been so lucky to work. My success is directly proportional to level of emotion in the viewer. If successful, They are a rally cry to engage people into conservation of these iconic landscapes. As for my approach, landscape photography is as a hunter stalking their prey. The light is my prey and it is illusive. Having stood in freezing fall streams, or post holing thru 7 foot snow drifts, or even sliding down a rain soaked muddy jungle wall to get to a secluded beach on Kauai, the hunt for that gallery shot is never ending. I tread lightly and live by the backpackers credo of Leave No Trace. There are good deeds in my aspirations as people can gaze and wonder if only for a brief moment, I have succeeded. I pray, that for all-time, my images will always carryon with emotional connections. Creating such connections in our world today is, well, very difficult. Even with all the ways we have today to connect with people, our world is as disengaged as anytime in human history. Using photography to reconnect with people on an emotional level, when successful, can change the world.

A Collection of a few favorites from my Wanderings

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